Due to the COVID 19 virus, Jackson County has Ordered all in-person court appearances in all courts, including Municipal Divisions, be suspended until after May 15, 2020. Judge Eskew has reviewed this Order and has cancelled the May 12, 2020 court docket.


All cases have been continued to the June 9, 2020 court docket at 6:00 p.m.


If you have any questions, you can reach the court at 816-697-2911 or by email at courtclerk@lonejackmo.org.


The Lone Jack Municipal Court is a division of the Jackson County 16th Circuit Court of Missouri, Division 254.  This division handles all traffic and City ordinance violations written by the Lone Jack Police Department and Code Enforcement Department.

The Court maintains all files and papers necessary to schedule and conduct trials, pleas, pre-trial hearings, sentencing, probation revocation hearings, and pre- and post-trial motions related to violations of city ordinances. The Administrative and Clerical staff, Bailiffs and Judge administer the process of adjudicating matters under the Court’s jurisdiction. The efforts of all are directed toward the goals of the fair and efficient administration of justice, to dispense equal justice to all, to provide courteous and respectful service to the public and to encourage respect for the rule of law.

If the individual charged with the offense pleads guilty, a fine, imprisonment or probation may be assessed. If the defendant pleads not guilty, a bench trial is conducted. The defendant may appeal a finding of guilty to the Jackson County Associate Circuit Court (see “your legal rights”). In addition, the City operates a Violations Bureau which permits individuals charged with certain traffic and other violations to pay a fine without appearing before the Judge.

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Debra Barker, Court Administrator
Office Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
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Phone: (816) 697-2911 x1
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