Lone Jack is governed by a Mayor and Board of Aldermen, which meet on the Third Thursday of every month. Public meetings are held at City Hall located at 207 N. Bynum Rd. Two aldermen represent each of the City’s two wards. The Mayor directs meetings and votes only for the purpose of breaking a tie. Elected office terms for both the Mayor and Board of Aldermen are two years; there is no consecutive limit on the number of terms an Alderman may serve.

Meetings are held in the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at City Hall.

City Officials

Phil Andreas

Jared Fox
Alderman, Ward 1 (North)

Natasha Ortiz
Alderman Ward 2 (South)

Craig Krebbs
Alderman,  Ward 2 (South)

Zach Moreno
Aldermen, Ward 1 (North)